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FY 2023 Budget Requests.png

Fy 19 Budget Pages

The FY 2023 Agency Budget Request files received by the Guam Legislature can be found below. 

The Agency Budget Requests are provided in the folders below. To access the agency files, simply click the agency's text. To return to the main agency menu, click the home icon at the top of the lists.


The information contained in the FY 2023 budget pages were submitted to the Office of Finance and Budget. The files contained herein are the work product of the departments or agencies that submitted the information. This information is available as a public service to encourage public review and comment. Some of these files for larger departments and agencies are in excess of 15MB due to the volume of pages that were scanned. The links, below, will re-direct you to webpages containing budget request details for respective agencies. For more information, you may call our office at 646-4416 or send an email to

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