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Budget Timeline

The government of Guam budgets on an annual basis for which its fiscal year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th of the following year pursuant to § 4102.1, 5 G.C.A. The Governor’s Executive Budget Request is due on January 31st prior to each fiscal year, with the exception of governors of Guam in the first year of the first term or an additional non-consecutive term which is due not later than April 8 of that same year. Guam law requires that certain departments and agencies submit its annual budget requests to the Guam Legislature. These include:


1. Guam Department of Education on January 30th (§ 3121, Chapter 3, Title 17 of the Guam Code Annotated)

2. Guam Board of Accountancy on January 30th (§ 35104(d), Chapter 35, Title 22 of the Guam Code Annotated)

3. University of Guam on February 15th (§ 16118, Chapter 16, Title 17 of the Guam Code Annotated)

4. Guam Community College on February 15th (§ 33101, Chapter 33, Title 5 of the Guam Code Annotated)

5. Guam Memorial Hospital Authority on March 30th (§ 80119, Chapter 80, Title 10 of the Guam Code Annotated)

6. Unified Judiciary of Guam on May 1st (§ 2102, Chapter 2, Title 7 of the Guam Code Annotated)

7. All other departments and agencies are notified by the Guam Legislature Committee on Appropriations and the Office of Finance and Budget when such submission for each budget request is due to the Guam Legislature.


Pursuant to § 2109, Chapter 2, Title 2 of the Guam Code Annotated, the annual fiscal year budget for the government of Guam is required to be passed by the Guam Legislature and submitted to the Governor of Guam no later than August 31st of each fiscal year.


The following is a general timetable for preparation of the government of Guam’s General Appropriations Act for each fiscal year.

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