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Fy 2018 Budget Hearing Links


FY 18 Bureau of Budget and Management Research Budget Hearing on Executive Revenue Projections

Tue May 16 2:00pm

 Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Hearing and Economic Outlook Discussion

Tue July 18 2:00pm

Video Will Be Available After Scheduled Budget Hearing



FY 18 Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Budget Hearing

May 17 10:00am

FY 18 Department of Public Health and Social Services Budget Hearing

May 18 10:00am

Protection Of Life & Property

FY 18 Guam Police Department Budget Hearing

May 31 2:00pm 

FY 18 Guam Fire Department Budget Hearing

May 31 2:00pm

FY 18 Department of Corrections Hearing

June 14 2:00pm

FY 18 Office of the Attorney General Budget Hearing

June 14 2:00pm

Public Accountability

FY 18 Office of Public Accountability Budget Hearing

July 5 2:00 pm

Municipal Government

FY 18 Mayors' Council of Guam Budget Hearing

June 6 3:00 pm


Public Education

FY 18 UOG Budget Hearing

June 2 10:00 am

FY 18 GCC Budget Hearing

June 5 3:30 pm

FY 18 Guam Department of Education Budget Hearing

June 9 10:00 am

General Government

FY 18 Department of Public Works Budget Hearing

June 13 10:00 am

FY 18 Guam Regional Transit Authority Budget Hearing

June 13 2:00 pm

FY 18 Department of Administration Budget Hearing

June 20 10:00 am

FY 18 Bureau of Budget and Management Research Budget Hearing

June 21 2:00 pm

FY 18 Department of Revenue and Taxation Budget Hearing

July 11 10:00 am

Individual & Collective Rights

FY 18 Judiciary of Guam and

Public Defender Service Corporation

Budget Hearing

June 23 11:00 am

FY 18 GEC Budget Hearing

June 6 10:00 am


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